Cutting Costs and Carbon

In every business there’s a massive number of assets to keep track of. Start with desks, chairs, filing cabinets and cupboards and a single office or floor can have hundreds of items.

You can immediately double that volume by adding in IT equipment like monitors, printers, docking stations and laptops.

We’ve seen businesses waste tens of thousands of pounds every year through lost assets and by purchasing new when they already have assets they could re-use.

Helping our clients achieve Net Zero by 2030

Asset 360 is Johnsons’ cloud-based solution, specifically designed to keep you in control and allow you to:

+ UNDERSTAND the assets at your disposal
+ REDUCE COSTS by managing and effectivley re-deploying
+ WORK GREENER by maximising the life of your assets and positively contribute to your ESG goals
+ EVIDENCE YOUR CARBON SAVINGS with detailed reporting

Reduce costs and see ESG benefits too 

Reduce costs and see ESG benefits too

Time and again we see businesses replace perfectly serviceable assets with new ones.

Even furniture and chairs that may look like they are past their best need not be
consigned to the skip.

This financial waste and the subsequent environmental impact
can both be significantly reduced through Asset 360.

With an informed view of available assets, with our support and that of our channel partners, you can reduce your costs and take a greener approach by:

+ RE-USING – if you know what you have, and it’s up-to-scratch it can be used again. If it’s not right for your
business, it doesn’t mean others can’t use it
+ REFURBISHING – tired or damaged assets can be made good for a fraction of the cost
+ RECYCLING – take a considered and joined up approach to asset donation or disposal

You’ll be amazed by the impact and how tired assets can be given a whole new lease of life




With the capabilities of the Johnsons 1871 group of businesses,
Asset 360 is the most complete asset management solution available today.

The 7 key pillars that underpin Asset 360 are:

Let's work together and positively impact your business

Whilst Asset 360 has been developed specifically to handle the requirements of enterprise, multi-site organisations, it’s also flexible enough to work for any size of business.

Auditing and tagging assets is usually a key stage in planning a business move, but you don’t need to be moving to deploy Asset 360. Talk to the Johnsons Business Moves and Asset 360 team and see how you can immediately reap those financial and environmental rewards.


If you’ve a business move on the horizon or you’re interested in deploying Asset 360 in your business …

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